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Infocenter V2 breaking changes

breaking changes

changed identifiers

  • All identities are lowercase (e.g. "OUA_123456" -> "oua_123456")
  • All OUA identities have not "TSVM-" prefix (e.g. "TSVM-OUA_123456" -> "OUA_123456")
  • Many ids cleaned up from redundant symbols (e.g. "ch_zurich_rooftop_restaurant" -> "ch_zurich_rooftop_restaurant")
  • All special symbols were replaced with English equivalent:
    • ä à á â -> a
    • ë è é ê -> e
    • ü ù ú û -> u
    • ï ì i î -> i
    • ö ò ó ô -> o
  • GDL Events ids replaced from webcodes to ids (e.g. "y6nhxf" -> "gdl_711249397")

data classification: regions, categories and tags is now using its own definitions for regions (administrativeArea), categories and tags

  • ContainedInPlace property in all entities now set by postal code or coordinates, not by regions delivered by the source
  • Category property in all entities now set by special mapping from source category to own category (e.g. "OUA_3642914" -> "ch_0101")
  • Tag property in all entities now set by special mapping from source tag to own tag


  • elevationJson and ratingJson properties were removed from Tour response
  • Link type changed from full name to short one (e.g. "DiscoverSwiss.LinkType.WebHomepage" -> "WebHomepage")

possibly breaking

Other changes that could be breaking, depending on your client implementation, but are mostly not.

  • Most of endpoints accept "Accept-Timezone" header with timezone name in it (e.g. "FLE Standard Time" or or IANA code) and format request & response dates and times according to value in this header. More: Infocenter, Profile
  • Fix of OpenAPI definition in Infocenter: now such object like Category contains right object definition with all properties
  • Now ParentType of entity also contains the name of type itself (e.g. Tour previously had ["Place", "Thing"] parent types, but now contains ["Tour", Place", "Thing"])
  • fixed @id link in the termversion response: route renamed to /termversions
  • Categories contains both singular and plural names, e.g. "Tour" - singular, "Tours" - plural
  • Changed behaviour for deleted objects. More: infocenter notifications
  • CreativeWork copyrightYear field type changed from double to int

Last update: November 22, 2023 07:12:48