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Amenity features

Amenity features refer to the various characteristics and services offered by the LodgingBusiness.

See as well the concepts of and Markup for Hotels

Features are grouped into groups (categories) presented in the table below. We try to harmonize them between the diffent sources where we get data, but there could be addtional groups not mentioned here.


Id Name (DE)
food Verpflegung
transport Transport
sportAndFreetime Sport und freizeit
bathroom Badezimmer
general Allgemein
media Medien
internet Internet
services Dienstleistungen
hostInformation Gastgeber informationen
placeProperties Platz eigenschaften
surrounding Umgebungen
additionalInformation Zusätzliche informationen
conference Konferenz
theme Thema


Here is a brief description of each amenity feature group:

food: This group encompasses amenities related to food services available at the lodging business.

transport: The transport group includes amenities associated with transportation.

sportAndFreetime: Amenities in this group are focused on sports and leisure activities.

bathroom: This group includes amenities related to the bathroom facilities.

general: The general group covers amenities that are applicable to the overall experience of the lodging business.

media: Amenities in this group pertain to media and entertainment options available to guests.

internet: This group encompasses amenities related to internet connectivity.

services: Amenities in this group refer to additional services provided by the lodging business.

hostInformation: This group includes amenities that provide guests with information about the host.

placeProperties: Amenities in this group describe specific features or attributes of the lodging business's physical space.

surrounding: This group encompasses amenities related to the surroundings of the lodging business.

additionalInformation: Amenities in this group cover any additional information or special features that guests may find useful or interesting.

conference: This group includes amenities specifically tailored to conference or business-related needs.

theme: Amenities in this group pertain to specific themes or unique features offered by the lodging business.

Please note that the descriptions provided are general and may vary depending on the specific offerings of the lodging business.

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