Init customer update


If the order had already been created, before the profile was updated, and it is necessary to update the profile information. Then call init customer update endpoint. It'll update the current customer in the order with the updated profile.

This process has no influence on the order's status, it will stay the same as before.


Once the order is paid, it is not possible to update the customer profile.

No request body is needed

    "order": {
        "orderNumber": "21-102000",
        "customer": {
            "profileId": "11661e9b-39a5-4d42-9b19-d0c2d6e14071",
            "address": {},
            "email": "",
            "familyName": "Muster",
            "faxNumber": "xxx",
            "givenName": "Philipp",a
            "telephone": "033 100 11 11",
            "displayName": "Philipp Muster",
            "isGuest": "False",
            "createdDateTime": "2019-11-28T11:38:01.0845805+01:00",
            "lastModified": "2021-10-10T07:43:54.388915+00:00"
        "orderStatus": "Placed",
    "validationMessages": []