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Partners can access all orders which were placed by their clients. The main use for *Marketplace is to perform support tasks for the partners' guests, such as:

  • Find Orders
  • Check the status and content of an order (Business trail)
  • Cancel and refund orders (if it's possible)


Each partner can see only the data related to them.

Search in Marketplace

There are many different ways to proceed with a search on the Marketplace:

The menu tab contains the Order tab only.

Menu Items

Using filter tab

The filter tab contains diverse categorized filters. These filters enhance the search results and make it easier to find specific orders or information. It contains five different filters: Order Status, DataSource, Partner, Service, and Sales Channel

Filter tab

Order Status It filters the orders according to their statuses

Order status


To check the whole order process Click here

DataSource It filters the orders according to the subscription.

Partner It filters the orders according to partners

Service It filters the orders according to the ordered service (product)

 Filter tab

Sales Channel It has two sub-filters; B2C and B2B.

  • Using search bar: It helps to proceed with normal text query search. You can search for names, descriptions, identifiers, or addresses. It will result in general search results where the searched term matches any of these properties.

 Search Bar


Use always the same language as the interface.

  • Additional filters: In order to make it easier to find the desired order, there are three more filters that can help to narrow the search results, Order Date, Valid Date Range, and Customer

 Filter tab

Order Status

The info icon is presented on the marketplace next to each order in the results part of the page. Each color is indicating to different order's status as the following:

  • Green: Delivered, Fulfilled, Deleted, Canceled
  • Yellow: New, Checkout, Placed, Payment
  • Blue: InTransit, Paid
  • Red: In general it means "This order needs Attention". For example, it may indicate for a FulfillmentError

Last update: February 5, 2023 20:53:54