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The fulfillment process starts automatically.

During the fulfillment process we communicate asynchronously with the partners and things can go wrong as we all know. If so - The guest will receive an e-mail in all cases - Information about all steps in the order workflow can be found in the BusinessTrail and in the customer portal.


You can provoke an orderItem fulfillment to fail by setting the GivenName of a traveler to ## failure ##

Fulfillment options

By default our connectors create the fulfillment as needed and you do not need to add options. But in some cases you may want to control the process with options to fit your needs and may improve performance by adding options to the ProductConfiguration


By default our connectors create all possible fulfillment documents and tokens. But if you do not need all of it you can use this option to pick only the ones you need.

value Description
pdf PDF document -> ticketToken
html HTML snipped containg all to display on a client -> htmlToken
img image -> imgToken

Supported fulfillment options

delivery mode QR code PDF PNG Html
Nova digital x x x -
SBB digital x x - x
ZHT card digital x x x -
Shopify shipping - - - -
Tomas activities digital x x - -


The delivery mode will be display with the following icons in the checkout component.