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Release 11.6.2020


This release contains mainly bugfixes in events and work on the new public documentation.

Environment Installation date
Test 11.6.2020 approx. 18:00
Prod 12.6.2020 approx. 18:00


  • querying by containedInPlace (region/AdministrativeArea) did only query the given area and not the whole tree below. Thus query by "Graubünden" would only deliver the entities directly assigned to Graubünden but no the ones assigned to "Tarasp" which is contained in the Inn-Area which is contained in Graubünden.
  • The existing parameter "location" on the event list was not documented. It is possible to find all event in a certain location


ID Title State Work Item Type
2808 Create the basics in the new API management developer portal Done Product Backlog Item
2831 developer documentation: How to use the infocenter service Done Product Backlog Item
2850 Add State to tour object and import it from outdoor active Done Product Backlog Item
2877 Guidle Events deliver pictures and attachements several times Done Bug
2897 You can query Guidle events only on the lowest containedInPlace level but not he whole region Done Bug
2900 Automatically generate markdown pages in the public documentation based on Azure Devops queries Done Product Backlog Item
2901 We deliver all Events instead of only active events and the schedule dates are strings Done Bug
2902 Timeouts on TEST Webhook at stripe Done Bug