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Infocenter update service endpoints

General headers

Header Name Type Description
Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key string Appropriate subscription key you can get in the developer portal

General query parameters

Parameter Name Type Description
project string project name of data to be modified
sourceId string external identifier of data which is used by partners on theirs portals

Creative Work

Route Type Request type Response type
/creativeWorks/{project} POST CreativeWorkRequest UpdateResponse
/creativeWorks/{project} PUT CreativeWorkRequest UpdateResponse
/creativeWorks/{project}/{sourceId} DELETE - UpdateResponse


Route Type Request type Response type
/tours/{project} POST TourRequest UpdateResponse
/tours/{project} PUT TourRequest UpdateResponse
/tours/{project}/{sourceId} DELETE - UpdateResponse

OpenAPI document

All methods and response models can be viewed in the Developer Portal. To generate an API client you can use the following URLs without user authentication but still with the Subscription Key in the Header (Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key) or as Query Parameter (subscription-key=<your-surbscription-key>):

  • h
  • h