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Description with HTML Microdata

Some sources present a large number of different types of description. In this case, we combine them into one description property, formatting it using the Microdata (HTML) pattern.

Formatted HTML contains classes

  1. ds_description
  2. ds_additionaldescription
  3. ds_title
  4. ds_text

With this classes you can style the HTML however you want.

If you want to get each type of description separately, you can use the descriptionMode=splitToAdditionalProperty query parameter, which will extract additional information from the formatted description into additional properties.

Description types

Id Title (DE)
WBX00020010000022714 Konditionen / Extras
TDS00020010603398518 Inklusive Leistungen
TDS00020010726802666 Termine
TDS00020010853152443 Uhrzeit
TDS00020010726802874 Dauer
WBX00020010000102175 Zusatzinformationen
TDS00020012053961342 Wichtige Informationen
TDS00020010853153952 Sprache
TDS00020010726804063 Gruppengrösse
TDS00020010726804850 Treffpunkt
TDS00020011504662020 Endpunkt
CateringInfos Verpflegungsmöglichkeit
ComponentsInfos Enthaltene Produkte

Formatted description example:

<div class="ds_description">
   <div class="ds_text" itemprop="description">
      <p>Main description</p>
<div class="ds_additionaldescription" itemprop="additionalProperty" itemid="22714" itemscope itemtype="">
   <div class="ds_title" itemprop="name">Konditionen / Extras</div>
   <div class="ds_text" itemprop="value">
      <p>Additional Konditionen / Extras description</p>
<div class="ds_additionaldescription" itemprop="additionalProperty" itemid="53952" itemscope itemtype="">
   <div class="ds_title" itemprop="name">Sprache</div>
   <div class="ds_text" itemprop="value">
      <p>Additional Sprache description</p>

Part of response with extracted additional information:

  "description": "<p>Main description</p>",
  "additionalProperty": [
      "value": "<p>Additional Konditionen / Extras description</p>",
      "propertyId": "22714",
      "audience": [
      "name": "Konditionen / Extras"
      "value": "<p>Additional Sprache description</p>",
      "propertyId": "53952",
      "audience": [
      "name": "Sprache"

Last update: June 2, 2023 08:44:14