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Description with HTML Microdata

Some sources present a large number of different types of description. In this case, we combine them into one description property, formatting it using the Microdata (HTML) pattern.

Formatted HTML contains classes

  1. ds_description
  2. ds_additionaldescription
  3. ds_title
  4. ds_text

With this classes you can style the HTML however you want.

If you want to get each type of description separately, you can use the descriptionMode=splitToAdditionalProperty query parameter, which will extract additional information from the formatted description into additional properties.

Description types

Id Title (DE)
WBX00020010000022714 Konditionen / Extras
TDS00020010603398518 Inklusive Leistungen
TDS00020010726802666 Termine
TDS00020010853152443 Uhrzeit
TDS00020010726802874 Dauer
WBX00020010000102175 Zusatzinformationen
TDS00020012053961342 Wichtige Informationen
TDS00020010853153952 Sprache
TDS00020010726804063 Gruppengrösse
TDS00020010726804850 Treffpunkt
TDS00020011504662020 Endpunkt
ds-catering-info Verpflegungsmöglichkeit
ds-included-items Enthaltene Artikel
ds-excluded-item Ausgeschlossene Artikel
ds-requirements Anforderungen
ds-wedding-info Informationen zur Hochzeit
ds-host-type Gastgeber-Typ

Formatted description example:

<div class="ds_description">
   <div class="ds_text" itemprop="description">
      <p>Main description</p>
<div class="ds_additionaldescription" itemprop="additionalProperty" itemid="22714" itemscope itemtype="">
   <div class="ds_title" itemprop="name">Konditionen / Extras</div>
   <div class="ds_text" itemprop="value">
      <p>Additional Konditionen / Extras description</p>
<div class="ds_additionaldescription" itemprop="additionalProperty" itemid="53952" itemscope itemtype="">
   <div class="ds_title" itemprop="name">Sprache</div>
   <div class="ds_text" itemprop="value">
      <p>Additional Sprache description</p>

Part of response with extracted additional information:

  "description": "<p>Main description</p>",
  "additionalProperty": [
      "value": "<p>Additional Konditionen / Extras description</p>",
      "propertyId": "22714",
      "audience": [
      "name": "Konditionen / Extras"
      "value": "<p>Additional Sprache description</p>",
      "propertyId": "53952",
      "audience": [
      "name": "Sprache"