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Tags are properties with no values. They are just markers and can be used for anything i.e., it can indicate to Seasonality, Accessibility, and Audience-age Also, The same tags should be assigned to a guest-personas, which they will be used in the user's profile.


Check out the current different tags in Partner Portal.

Types of tags and usage

Common tags

Just like with categories and regions (Areas) the goal of is to harmonize the tags over the different data sources. It helps to create personalized search results and generally good search results and topic-pages on the client side.

Image tags

Tags for the images.

Campaign tags

Typically these tags are created by our partners “on the fly”, can be used to filter data, but not intended to show to the user.

Profile tags

These tags are used to boost the search result based on the request (saved tags in the profile).


It indicates a sub-category of tags i.e., Accessibility → Reachable by public transport or suitable for families with kids. We use the property “additionalType” to classify the tags:

additionalType Common Campaign Profile
profile - - +
campaign - + -
image + - -
all others + - -


Tags are imported from different sources, they are all mapped to our tags. Otherwise, marked with the data source. This is also true :

  • the imported objects are tagged automatically

  • the difference between common and campaign tags is applied to the vertex model during the publishing of the vertex.

Create tags

Tags can be created by Also, by partners using their data source. Properties of tags:

  • Only the owner of the data source can change and delete the tag.
  • All partners can use all tags and assign them to objects and their Data definition


Here you can examine data classifications (Categories tree, types and additional types). Click to Download