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Name Type Description
propertyId string PropertyId
type string Traveler field type. Can be radio, text, select, etc.
name string Can be used as a label of a field
required boolean Is travelerField required?
requiredForOffers boolean Is this required to get an offer? null - not used for offers (default). false - can be used. true - must be used
possibleValue object Values of the field
rangeMin string Integer, number: number-date, dateTime: duration ISO 8601 duration
rangeMax string Integer, number: number-date, dateTime: duration ISO 8601 duration
rangeBasePropertyId string Property id from which range will be calculated (e.g. for ZH it is birthDate). Currently only DateTime validation supports it.
parentFieldPropertyId string Name of parent field property
parentFieldValue string Value of parent field property
parentFieldOperator string Operator which is used to check the value defined in ParentFieldPropertyId. If operator is not defined or wrong operator provided then 'equal' operator is used by default. Supported operators: 'equal' - (default) current value must be equal to ParentFieldValue property; 'notnullorempty' - can be applied on string and arrays and check that array/string contains value(s)
readonly boolean Can this field be changed in the 'edit order item': null/false - the referenced property is editable. true - the referenced property must not change its value

Last update: February 1, 2024 17:36:45