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Offers and products

Every offers you can buy in our marketplace is a product in the Infocenter service and available on the products endpoint. But not all of the products in the infocenter you can buy in the marketplace. Check the potential action on it.


At the moment, we offer different products that could be bought using our API endpoints e.g.:

  • Public transportation tickets
  • Skipasses
  • Tours, experiences and activities
  • Local Products
  • Table reservations
  • Insurance

A place can contain a reference to a product which is offered in this place. For example, a ski resort contains a reference to a product the "SkiPass". The ski resort is set as the location on the property AreaServed on the Product. The seller is set on the property offeredBy.

Example of the simplex referenced product "Skipass" in a ski resort. The full product can be retrieved directly via the products endpoint.

    "skipass": [
            "name": "Klosters Madrisa Skipass",
            "@id": "",
            "identifier": "st_380_skipass"
    "@id": "",
    "identifier": "ski_89_dia",
    "name": "Klosters Madrisa",
    "type": ""