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Release 03.09.2020


Environment Installation date
Test 03.09.2020 approx. 17:30
Prod 01.10.2020 -> update infocenter-data v.2

Infocenter service

  • Events from all over Switzerland
  • Events in Search
  • changed events inEvent grid (we can call for example aebhooks)

Profile service


ID Title State Area Path
3138 Add availableDataLanguage to all infocenter-vertex response models Done\Infocenter
3172 The Links type property contains the full name of the enumeration but should only contain the local name Done\Infocenter
3202 Add count to list api's Done\Infocenter
3204 Problem with LinkId generation Done\Infocenter
3252 Manually started import of openstreetmap regions based on swiss postal codes Done\Infocenter
2948 Add Events to the search Resolved\Infocenter\Search
3188 Add ParentType field to search index Done\Infocenter\Search
3112 Allow numbers in the partnerData name Done\Platform


ID Title State Type

will be filled