Known bugs

ID Title State Area Path
9093 Validate Type and AdditionalType mappings and fix the configuration files In Review\Infocenter
9044 Update type translations Refinement\Infocenter
7112 Tours located outside Switzerland Testing\Infocenter
2815 check handling of payment: authorization, capture and transfer when the captured value is not equal to the authorized In Review\Marketplace
9124 Can't publish/unpublish vertex Testing\Partner
8638 Unable to remove ds_iam Role from User Testing\Partner\Portal
7062 tags are not deleted correctly In Review\Planet
6851 Double source origin with empty source in person In Review\Profile
9037 Partner Origin is missing after sign-up with role In Review\Profile
8232 Potential inconsistent order state Committed\Web Components\Checkout component

Last update: June 2, 2023 08:44:14