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We check the accessibility for all objects provided by the OK:GO project.

We use 5 predefined accessibility profiles:

  • Active wheelchair (Aktivrollstuhl)
  • No limitations (Keine Einschränkung)
  • E-wheelchair (E-Rollstuhl)
  • Stroller (Kinderwagen)
  • Scewo BRO

We use the Ginto service to check the accessibility level for each of these profiles and add the main resulting information to the object as
- a list of Accessibility objects and
- corresponding tags.

Possible accessibility leves (grade):

  • 0 - Accessibility unknown
  • 1 - Fully accessible
  • 2 - Partially accessible
  • 3 - Poorly accessible

Based on this accessibility information the following tags are added to the objects:

  • accessibility-wheelchair-accessible
  • accessibility-wheelchair-inaccessbile
  • accessibility-suitableforperambulators