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Potential Action

It is available in It is a shift from the static representation of an entity in the digital world, by providing an interactive possibility to take action on these entities.

Actions and Offers

Our infocenter contains different types of entities (objects), e.g. Events, Products, LodgingBusiness, SkiResorts, etc. Potential Action it is a property that represents the possibilities to make better use of an entity. In other words, the end-user can benefit more from the info related to the entity itself. Such as being able to buy tickets for the offered event, or to book a Ski pass from a specific ski resort.

Relevant Entities

  • Event buying ticket for a specific event
  • Product this product can be ordered
  • LodgingBusiness booking an accommodation (room)
  • FoodEstablishment booking a table
  • SkiResort buy a skipass


At the moment, we offer different products that could be bought using our API endpoints.
- Public transportation tickets
- Skipass


    "PotentialAction": [
            "Type": "OrderAction",
            "Target": [
                    "Type": "web",
                    "UrlTemplate": ""
            "Name": {}